Encyclopedia of gems

Encyclopedia of gems:

    Agate gemstone

    Alexandrite gemstone

    Amethyst gemstone

    Aquamarine gemstone

    Aventurine gemstone

    Beryl gemstone

    Coral gemstone

    Diamond gemstone

    Diopside gemstone

    Emerald gemstone

    Garnet gemstone

    Hematite gemstone

    Labrador gemstone

    Malachite gemstone

    Nacre gemstone

    Nephrite gemstone

    Onyx gemstone

    Opal gemstone

    Pearl gemstone

    Quartz gemstone

    Rauchtopaz (Smoky quartz) gemstone

    Rhinestone gemstone

    Rose quartz gemstone

    Ruby gemstone

    Sapphire gemstone

    Turquoise gemstone

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