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Coral (korlek, akabar, acory, draconite) is a unique precious stone. He does not have analogues in the whole world.

In fact, corals are the result of the life of marine polyps. Colonies of polyps absorb various minerals from the sea water, which settle in their tissues, then the remains of these same polyps, superimposed layer by layer, are quenched and thus corals are formed.

Coral. Gemstone. Red coral, black coral, ring with coral

Coral - an organogenic gemstone, such as dagger, pearl or amber.

There are a lot of coral species, but jewelers use basically two kinds of corals - red and black (black corall called akabar). And red coral - one of the most common.

Although occasionally in ornaments there are other corals. One of the rarest - the blue coral (which also has its name - acory). Also to the "noble" corals are the pink, orange and brown varieties.

Of course, the most popular products from coral are beads. Especially unusual look angular, where the shape of a natural coral is noticeably discernible.

In Russia, the red coral was called "korolev".

Corals are known to mankind for a very long time. Ancient Sumerians, Greeks and Egyptians flaunted in ornaments from corals.

The magical properties of corals are very interesting. This precious stone contributes to the development of intuition and logic. Maybe this is due to legends, according to which, the coral stones were extracted from the dragon's head (in ancient Russia, because of these legends, the coral was very often called "draconite"). And the coral is a universally recognized symbol of happiness. And immortality. And in Europe in the Middle Ages, coral was considered a standard of modesty.

Therapeutic properties of coral are generally unique. And these properties are even scientifically proven. For example, gorgonium coral very well affects the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems of the human body. And this is due to the presence in this variety of coral a special hormone. And the doctors of Japan and America conducted research and found out that white corals can be used in surgery - they perfectly fused with human bones.

Corals have a very beneficial effect on the human body. If you wear corals around your neck, it will save you from colds and headaches. The ring with the coral on the finger helps purify the blood.

And there is one more assumption, according to which, the coral is able to react to the illness of the owner. So in a sick person the coral begins to fade, various darkening and small cracks are formed. And a healthy coral always shines brightly and has a rich color.

Date of publication: 2017-04-12

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