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Diopside (Siberian emerald lake, violan, antohroit, bay, chrome diopside, hedenbergite) - very rich jewel.

Because of the great diversity in the diopside many names. For example, green, dark green and bluish green diopside called "Baikal" (due to the fact that these stones come from the Baikal region). The emerald green diopside called "chrome diopside" bright green - bay. Also called green diopsides and as "Siberian emeralds ."

Diopside. Gem. Ring with black diopside and green diopside

Light pink diopside also received a separate name - antohroit, and purple and blue diopside called "violan".

There diopsides and other colors - from transparent to blue and gray and almost black. Also, there are diopsides with optical effect asterism (mostly black diopsides) and cat's eye .

The jewelry used mainly diopsides transparent and opaque stones go on various ornamental works.

The magical properties of the diopside. Diopside is considered a good protective talisman, neutralizing any negative impact.

Date of publication: 2016-04-05

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