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Onyx (onyx, nogat, sardonyx, chalcedony-onyx, carnelol-onyx) is one of the most ancient precious stones known to mankind. Onyx is often mentioned in the Bible among the most beautiful and expensive gemstones, such as diamond, emerald, beryl and sapphire. And according to the ancient legend - the throne of the wise King Solomon was also decorated with onyxes. What says that onyx has been highly valued by people from the earliest days.

Onyx is a kind of agate. The very word translated from Greek means "nail" ("onyx", in ancient times also the name "nogat", which is considered a variation of the translation from Greek) was used. With what it is connected, will be told just below.

Onyx. A precious stone. Jewelry from onyx, pendant with onyx

The fact is that onyx has characteristic parallel strips (layers). These strips can be of different colors and different thicknesses. For example, stones with black and white stripes are called chalcedony-onyx. Brown and white stripes are sardonyx, and white stripes in combination with red ones have carneliol onyxes. There are also onyxes with brown and yellow layers. Alternatively, the layers can be honey, pink, gray and brown in various combinations with the above colors. And the prices for onyxes increase with decreasing layer thickness. So already the ancient Greeks especially appreciated onyxes with the thickness of one layer no more than the thickness of the nail. That's where the name of the stone comes from.

Onyx made a variety of jewelry and this stone was very revered by carvers.

The precious stone onyx is rich not only in color. This stone has so many different magical properties, which sometimes causes surprise, as they can be combined with each other. For example, ancient Greek speakers placed an onyx stone under the tongue to impress listeners with their eloquence. In the East, onyx was considered a bad stone. The Arabs called onyx "a stone of sadness," the Chinese generally bypassed the mine, where onyxes were mined, by side, fearing bad news and signs of fate. Yemenis believed that onyx is very similar to the eyes of dead women, so they generally tried not to deal with this stone.

And in the West, onyx is known for very different characteristics. The Romans revered onyx as a very strong amulet, the French had a belief that onyx can only find sinless and pure minded people. Onyx among many peoples was recognized as a stone of leaders and leaders. This precious stone attracts luck, strengthens the spirit of a person, accelerates the reaction (especially in difficult situations) and can even save from premature death.

On the same medicinal properties onyx is good in everything - this precious stone acts beneficially on the whole organism and effectively neutralizes the whole spectrum of negative manifestations.

Onyx is a very complex stone. Since ancient times, the quality of the so-called "stone-dog" has been recognized for him. Onyx will be a devoted friend, especially if the owner shows himself on the positive side. However, onyx is very suspicious and will long "look" to his "master" before starting to protect him and help him.

Date of publication: 2017-04-12

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