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Labrador (black moonstone, spectrolite, bull's eye, labradorite) - one of the most unique precious stones. After all, this stone has an amazing ability to shimmer with colored "lights" - green, blue, golden, blue and other shades, or as it is called scientifically - "iris" (by the way, mankind has not learned to achieve such an effect manmade by artificial ways). And the best effect of iris is manifested in bright sunlight.

Labrador. Gemstone. Embellishment with Labrador

His labrador received his name from the name of the island of Labrador, where this unusual jewel was first discovered. In fact, the Labrador is just a kind of feldspar, but this mineral stands out prominently among its brethren.

At first the prices for the labrador were very high, but then, when large Labrador deposits were discovered, the price of this stone began to fall.

The best samples of Labrador retrieved in Finland. It is the Finnish labrador that is rich in color overflows and therefore received its own name "spectrolite". Dark labradorite also received its own name - "black moonstone". Also there are labradors with large dark blue spots, otherwise this stone is called a "bull's eye".

Very often there are whole breeds, which consist of a labrador. They are called "Labradorite". Labradorite is decorated with an entrance to Lenin's Mausoleum (this slab labradorita weighs 60 tons), some Moscow metro stations and monuments (in particular, Yuri Dolgorukov and Ivan Fedorov).

Now basically Labradors go to do-it-yourself works - beads, pendants, bracelets, hair clips, only some of the best stones are cut by jewelers.

The magical properties of the Labrador are specific. It is believed that the Labrador develops the abilities of foresight, revelation. Therefore, the stone is recommended to people already mature and balanced. Although, on the other hand, the Labrador also promotes the development of the extract from the owner. Also, the Labrador is considered a good guard. And the British believe that the Labrador makes his master chaste. By the way, most of all the magical power of the Labrador appears in the new moon.

The magical properties of the Labrador are quite simple. It is believed that the labrador relieves joint diseases and helps the owner to feed themselves with energy from outside. Also there is a belief that a labrador cures of infertility.

Date of publication: 2017-04-12

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