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A precious stone of pink quartz deserves to be told about it separately. Although this is only a kind of quartz of beautiful, delicate pink color.

However, among all the quartz, it is the stones of pink color that have been especially popular among ordinary people since ancient times. Perhaps this is due to the color of the stone - unobtrusive and pleasant, and maybe it's the price - pink quartz, because of the prevalence, was not very expensive.

Rose quartz. A precious stone. Rose quartz stones, rose quartz ring

Rose quartz has only one drawback - some of the stones have become discolored with sunlight and have acquired an unprepossessing gray color. The remaining quality characteristics, important for precious stones (like hardness of stone, gloss, color, beauty) are very good.

It is interesting that unlike other quartz, rose quartz does not often come in the form of crystals with well-defined facets. More often these are veined or amorphous masses of intergrown crystals, some of which reach a thickness of ten meters (such as quartz veins in Karelia), as well as so-called brushes and druses.

However, ordinary people do not think about it. Much more they are interested in the quality of precious stones that get to the jewelers for processing. The best are considered pink quartz from the island of Madagascar. Brazilian rose quartz is a good quality - they are most supplied to the jewelry market, but, unfortunately, the deposits of rose quartz in Brazil are now significantly depleted. Rich deposits of quartz in Russia. However, Karelian pink quartz has an uneven color and unstable color. Also in Russia, rose quartz is found in Altai, Irkutsk region and Transbaikalia. There are also deposits in the USA and Canada, Namibia, India, Japan, Mongolia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria.

Rose quartz is considered more than an ornamental stone, rather than precious. Garnish for jewelry jewelry of good quality, with partial transparency, opaque varieties are polished in cabochons. Pink quartz with the optical effect of asterism is also polished in cabochons. Prized rose quartz and as a collector's material.

Stones of rose quartz, which have lost their color, are often painted anew. They can be distinguished by a rich coloration, which is rare in natural stones. Sometimes pink quartz is given out a painted alabaster, but the latter is a softer stone. And rose quartz is sometimes given for kunzite, in order to be more profitable to sell, because the kunts are estimated higher.

One of the most famous rose quartz in the world is the famous Big World Star.

Magic properties of rose quartz. For a long time, pink quartz is considered a truly feminine stone and a strong love amulet, which will help find your love and contribute to the conception of children. Also pink quartz protects well from witchcraft and feeds the owner of light energy. On the other hand, it has long been believed that rose quartz helps creative people, especially poets and writers in their hard work.

Therapeutic properties of rose quartz. The pink color of this gemstone will improve mood and help to find inner harmony, as well as get rid of stress and nervous tension. Still it is believed that rose quartz promotes the work of the heart system, normalizes blood and blood vessels, accelerates the healing of wounds.

Date of publication: 2017-04-11

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