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Malachite (Russian stone, peacock stone) is one of the most famous gems. In Russia, for sure, because exactly here in the middle of the XVII century the Ural malachite mines were discovered, which supplied malachite almost the whole world (nowadays, however, the famous mines are practically worked out). It is clear where malachite got one more name - "Russian stone".

The name "malachite", according to one version, originated from the Greek "malacos", that is, "soft" (indicating a slight hardness of the stone), on the other - from the Greek "malahe" - the name of the mallow flower, which has the same bright green Color as the precious stone malachite.

Malachite. Gemstone. Earrings with malachite, a figure from malachite

Yes, malachite stands out among other precious stones with its special color - from turquoise to black and green. However, even more distinguishes malachite among other stones, its special concentric patterns, which jewelers often try to emphasize during processing. Because of this unique pattern, malachite received another name - "peacock stone".

In ancient times, malachite was a fairly rare stone, so it was valued very highly. Malachite made various amulets, ornaments - necklaces and brooches, various products - vases, countertops, fireplaces, carvings. However, since ancient times, other uses of malachite have been known. For example, malachite decorated columns in the temple of the Greek goddess Diana in Ephesus, and in Russia, after the discovery of the Ural mines, invented even a special unique way of facing, called "Russian mosaic". Malachite and Russian mosaic decorated Malachite and St George's Hall of St. Petersburg Winter Palace.

Malachite is mainly used as an ornamental stone and is not very expensive. The most expensive is turquoise malachite. Malachite is easily processed, but because of its softness it is easy to scratch and quickly lose polishing.

The magical properties of malachite are unusual. According to the legend, malachite can make a person invisible, and if you drink water from the malachite bowl, you can understand the language of animals and birds. Another unusual property of malachite is that this precious stone is able to fulfill cherished desires. Malachite is also a very good warder from many troubles.

The therapeutic properties of malachite are also very interesting. After all, according to popular belief, malachite accelerates the healing of wounds, absorbs negative energy, creates harmony in the body of the stone. Hindus believe that malachite opens channels for unimpeded passage of energy flows, and the Chinese believe that this precious stone will purify the body of the negative and create emotional harmony. It is also believed that malachite light shades of the heart, lung, nervous system. And American lithotherapists say that malachite can even cleanse the body of radiation.

Date of publication: 2017-04-12

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