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Garnet (carbuncle, carbuncle, mealybug, Baneasa, Bechet or bidzhazi, leykogarnet, shorlomit, Melanie, Ural grenades Andrade Spessartite) - one of the most famous and most beautiful gemstones in the world.

Garnet. Gem. Raw grenade green grenade Ural, jewelry with garnets

Name your grenades received from the same fruit - pomegranate (which, translated from the Latin ( "granum"), means "grain", "grain"). So grenades named because naturally occurring crystals of garnet is very reminiscent of pomegranate seeds.

By the way, well-known measure of weight - Grand (less than half a percent of a gram), anciently used for precious stones, so named because in the old days used the seeds of small fruits.

Previously called the grenades do all the gems of red. And the name "garnet" was first used by the alchemist Albertus Magnus in 1270. It is only since the beginning of the XIX century by grenades began to mean only certain stones

However, for a long time the existence of this gem he had accumulated a huge amount of names: carbuncle (from the Latin «carbon» - «coal", as the stones of garnet is very similar to the flickering embers), carbuncle (under that name were not only grenades, but other red stones - ruby , tourmaline , spinel ), mealybug, Baneasa, Bechet or bidzhazi (used by the inhabitants of ancient Russia) and others.

At the present time, garnet - is transparent red stone (often almandine and pyrope). But there are grenades and other colors - leykogarnet (transparent gem - «leikos» means in Greek "white"), shorlomit and melanite (garnet black), Ural Garnet (unusual green color), Spessartite (yellow-orange, red-orange Garnet). It does not happen unless the blue and blue garnets.

Pomegranate - a beautiful gem and its jewelers since ancient times used for the manufacture of jewelry - rings, pendants, earrings and brooches. Some of the most beautiful adornments of the pomegranate - a necklace that gave the famous composer Smetana his wife (now kept in the Museum in Prague Smetana) and garnet set, donated by Goethe Ulrike von Levetzow (in the garnet set includes a necklace, two bracelets, buckle, earrings and ring, generally around 460 fine set of garnets).

The magical properties of pomegranate. Garnet is widely recognized as the stone of love and passion in many nations. So often the lovers gave her lover jewelery with garnets, and young unmarried girls wore jewelry with this stone .. It is believed that the grenade ignites passion, stimulates sexuality. But as pomegranate is a symbol of power, courage, loyalty, strength, faith and joy. In medieval Europe it was believed that pomegranate protects from injuries and poisons. But this gem is able to ignite not only a passion, but also anger, so be careful with this stone. A black grenade help look into the future and communicate with the deceased.

The healing properties of the pomegranate. Due to the red color is believed that pomegranate positive effect on the heart and circulation. Garnet necklace will help relieve the headache and bring down the heat. Another believed that pomegranate can help a pregnant woman in labor. A yellow and brown grenades well cope with various diseases of the skin allergies.

Date of publication: 2016-04-05

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