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Actually quartz - a mineral. On top of this mineral is the most common. For example, we all know the glass - it's the same quartz.

Another characteristic feature of quartz is that it has a great variety of different shapes.

Quartz. Gem. A ring with smoky quartz, quartz figure

But only a small part of these forms is used in jewelry (usually crystalline). However, some quartz are very popular. For example, transparent quartz crystals known as " rock crystal ". Yellow minerals known as " citrine ", purple - is amethyst , black stone called " Morion ", green quartz called " prase " and " prasiolite ".

However, quartz crystals can be other colors - pink , blue, milk. And there is a special quartz - smoky (also known as rauchtopaz).

The case of quartz have any impurities. Very nice look transparent crystals with needle-like inclusions. Even the names of such minerals is very unusual - "Venus Hair", "Arrows of Cupid", "ezhiny stone." Also impressive quartz whose surface shimmers colors - for some reason they are called "eyes" (ie - cat's eye , tiger eye , hawk eye).

Since ancient times, quartz is used to create a variety of ornaments. quartz stones are very beautiful and look quite as good as the more expensive minerals (low price probably due to the abundance of quartz in nature).

Quartz is considered a life-giving stone. Currently on quartz crystals Water has great healing and stimulating powers.

A talisman or amulet of amethyst quartz rid of boredom and may even develop the gift of foresight.

Date of publication: 2016-04-05

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