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Hematite (Bloodstone, sanguine, black diamond, hematite, iron roses) - very unusual gem, its appearance resembling gore. In Greek hematite and translates as "bloody". In Russia and its name - "Bloodstone", and even Sanguinius translated from Latin means all of the same blood.

Hematite. Gem. Stones Hematite ring with hematite

Hematite occurs as a scaly and leaf mass (iron roses), sag (red glass head) and less crystals. The plates of hematite can be translucent and glitter stone in metal.

Sometimes the color of hematite can be almost black, where there was another name - Black Diamond . A red-brown hematite varieties called hematite.

By the way, hematite is magnetic and conductive properties, as a matter of fact, this mineral is iron oxide.

Already in ancient Egypt, hematite was very popular. From it were made ??various gems , brooches, necklaces, pendants and necklaces.

Hematite is a bit like a black pearl , but this gem is more dense and solid. What also proved important in the spread of hematite. Well polished hematite beads look much more spectacular than the black pearl.

Hematite has a very unusual and magical properties. In India, for example, hematite is considered a symbol of wisdom and courage. And in Europe hematite served as the mascot for the Warlock. Now hematite recognized Christian amulet and out often made various crosses.

The healing properties of hematite course primarily concerned with blood. Since ancient times it was believed that this stone is able to stop the bleeding and to heal wounds. From hematite produced powder, which fell for the speedy healing of wounds and used powder inside for blood purification. Hematite is also a positive effect on the kidneys, and even increases sexual energy.

Date of publication: 2016-04-04

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