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Rauchtopaz (rauch-topaz, smoky quartz, smoky topaz) is the old name for smoky quartz (rauch from German translates as "smoke"). And jewelers still use this expression, apparently, to give the stone significance. Also rauchtopaz called smoky rock crystal or simply smoky topaz.

Of all the varieties of quartz, rauchtopaz is considered to be one of the most valuable (with it only rock crystal, amethysts and citrine can compete).

Rauhtopaz (Smoky quartz) gemstone. Crowned rauchtopazy, ring with rauchtopaz

The most beautiful are rauchtopazy of a golden-brown color with impregnations of rutile, which creates the effect of divergent rays of the star.

But the most surprising is that some of the found crystals of rauchtopaz weigh up to several tons.

In India, it is believed that rauchtopaz cleanses the body of toxins and excesses of negative energy. There is even a legend where there is a whole bowl of rauchtopaz, and people who have drunk water from this bowl are cured of any ills.

Adherents of Buddhism call rauchtopaz - "Stone of the Buddha", and believe that it is able to bring out "hidden in the darkness of the subconscious into the light of illumination."

Also, this stone is able to fill energy spills (among all the dark stones of the world, rauchtopaz is the most rich in energy). Decorations made of smoky quartz will remove irritation and neutralize the external and internal manifestations of anger.

And in order to calm the pain, you need to hold a pebble stone in your hand (best of all, in the stone in each hand) until you feel the heat coming from it.

Date of publication: 2017-04-11

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