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In fact, nacre (mother of pearls) is not a precious stone, but only an inner layer in a pearl shell. However, the composition of nacre is almost identical to pearls - it's still the same aragonite.

Nacre is translated from German as "mother of pearls". Nacre is also called in many other languages. Nacre very well refracts light, so its color is very wide - from white to black. Characteristic nacre special rainbow tint.

Nacre. Gemstone. Varieties of nacre - white, black and galiotis

Since the earliest times nacre was very attractive and - most importantly! - an inexpensive material for various inlays, buttons, cufflinks and other ornaments.

However, be careful - now produce and artificial nacre. And they can even artificially impart to him any color.

In the Moscow Armory there are very beautiful goblets made of nacre, melted into silver. In Europe, jewelers made very fine and complex engraving on nacre. Beautifully look boxes, inlaid with pieces of nacre of various colors. From nacre, even paintings were made. And the ancient Roman palace of Emperor Nero could boast with pearly walls. In China, white mother of pearl is very much appreciated.

The magical properties of nacre. One of the most interesting magical properties of nacre is that this precious stone can prolong the life of the owner. It is also believed that nacre strengthens intuition and keeps calm in the family.

Medical properties of nacre. In ancient times nacre was ground into powder and used as a medicine for practically all diseases. By the way, this powder was used and as a cosmetic agent, which has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face.

Date of publication: 2017-04-14

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