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Sapphire (azure yachont) is one of the most famous and most beautiful gems.

Sapphires include corundums of deep blue color. True, before the sapphires were called all the precious stones of blue color. There were even special names. For example, "Brazilian sapphire" is actually a gem of tourmaline, and "water sapphire" is cordierite.

However, the difference between this sapphire and its hardness. According to one version, even the word "sapphire" itself came from the Babylonian "sipru", which means "scratching" (a hint at the hardness of this precious stone).

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But according to another version, the word "sapphire" is due to the Greek "sapfeiros", which translates as "blue" - the distinctive sign of sapphire. Although, in reality sapphires are purple, pink, green and yellow.

In Russia sapphire received another name - "azure yachont".

The best are sapphires transparent with good saturated color. The most valuable sapphires are mined in India - Kashmir sapphires, in the color of which there is a shade of cornflower blue. Highly valued sapphires with a unique coloration of pink and orange flowers - padparadzha. But sapphire is in itself a very precious jewel. The best specimens can be valued up to 4000 dollars per carat.

Some of the most famous sapphires have even their own destiny. The Diamond Fund of Russia keeps a sapphire of 258 carats. Another sapphire ("Sapphire of Saint Edward") occupies an honorable place in the center of the cross of the Imperial Crown in the UK. On this same crown there is another large sapphire (on the occipital part of the crown).

Often sapphires can have the optical effect of asterism, which gives them additional value.

Magical properties of sapphire. Since ancient times, sapphire is considered a symbol of wisdom. Also, this precious stone helps its owner to feel the said lies (the Egyptian priests even cut out on the sapphires the symbol "Truth"). In many countries, sapphire is recognized as a royal stone (sometimes even divine), and it is attributed to the properties to influence time, help to win, nourish the owner with the energy of life. And star sapphires are considered a symbol of the Cosmos and the astral world, where they are good helpers and protectors for the astral body of a person or his soul.

Therapeutic properties of sapphire. First of all, it should be noted that the more the owner of sapphire is chaste and kind, the stronger the stone will show its medicinal properties. Sapphire even received a separate special name - "a stone of nuns", for the fact that according to legends, this precious stone protects virginity. Sapphire helps with insomnia, colds, asthma, back pain, heart disease and lowers blood pressure. Sapphire also soothes nerves. And the water, infused on sapphires, will help the eyes.

Date of publication: 2017-04-14

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