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Aquamarine (noble beryl, aquamarine) - a kind of transparent beryl . The name of the "Aquamarine" Latin translates as "sea water".

And indeed the color of aquamarine is very similar to aquamarine. Although there are aquamarines and other colors - green, blue, yellow, gold, until pink. And the color can become brighter in the evening or artificial light. Or it may vary depending on the angle of view (which is very important to consider when to cut a gem). And some aquamarine is heat treated in order to make them more beautiful (or even change color at all). In addition, aquamarines can sometimes lose a color when exposed to prolonged sunlight color (color resistance can also make heat treatment - heating aquamarine to 500 degrees).

Aquamarine. Gem. Earrings with aquamarine

There are aquamarine and passing the color - for example, with a yellow center and blue or blue edges in the middle and green at the edges.

In Brazil, mined unusual aquamarine blue sapphire colors named maxix-aquamarines (maxix - the name of the mine).

Sometimes, there are blotches Aquamarine - "marks snow" or also called "Chrysanthemum".

Often aquamarine can be confused with blue topaz and synthetic quartz .

In nature, aquamarines can reach very large sizes. The record belongs to Brazilian stone, which weighs just over 110 kg and length -. 48.5 cm Part of the aquamarine is stored at the New York museum, rest sawn into individual stones. And in the Kremlin Armory kept the scepter of the Polish king Stanislaw length of 30 cm, which was machined from a single aquamarine.

Price increases with aquamarine stone color saturation.

Aquamarine - a strong magic stone. Long since the sailors were made of aquamarine amulets and talismans, which were to keep them on the road. Aquamarine protects its owner from a variety of risks and fraud, making their owners prudent, gives courage. In addition, this gem dampens the intensity of emotions, and calms anger.

However, aquamarine can direct his magic against its owner if he wants someone to cheat or commit a dishonest act. Not for nothing because Aquamarine is considered a symbol of justice.

And yet it is believed that aquamarine can change color depending on the mood of the owner or the environment. When all is well, aquamarine will shine pure blue, and before the bad weather, while a bad mood, or when the owner threatened by any danger, aquamarine preemptively begins to thicken and darken.

Aquamarine also can be used for medicinal purposes. This mineral strengthens the immune system of the whole organism, it helps with skin diseases and dental pain, stimulates the liver.

On top of aquamarine effectively cope with seasickness.

Date of publication: 2016-04-01

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