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Physical properties of smoky quartz (rauchtopaz)

Hardness: 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glassy, greasy
Transparency: transparent, translucent
Color: brown, light brown, dark brown

Characteristics of Smoky Quartz (rauchtopaz)

Smoky quartz (rauchtopaz, smoky topaz) is one of the varieties of the famous quartz gemstone. Sometimes they also use the old name for smoky quartz - rauchtopaz (rauch is translated from German as "smoke"). Jewelers, for example, use the name rauchtopaz when they want to sell at a higher price. Smoky quartz is also called smoky rock crystal or smoky topaz.

Of all the varieties of quartz, smoky quartz is considered one of the most valuable (only rock crystal, amethysts and citrines can compete with it).

Smoky quartz (rauchtopaz). Gemstone

The most beautiful are golden brown smoky quartz interspersed with rutile, which creates the effect of diverging star rays.

But the most surprising thing is that some of the rauchtopaz crystals found are so large that they can weigh several tons.

How much is smoky quartz (rauchtopaz)

Despite good quality characteristics, smoky quartz is a very inexpensive stone, as it is widely distributed in nature. A good quality stone in a ring will cost no more than $15. Smoky quartz beads will cost around $50.

Smoky quartz is highly valued, which has a translucent "veil", sparkles or shimmer of various color shades inside the stone.

By the way, there are also ennobled smoky quartzes, which have a more uniform color.

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