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Physical properties of topaz

Hardness: 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: transparent
Color: colorless, golden yellow, pale blue, yellow, yellowish brown, purple red, pink

Topaz characteristics

Topaz (heavyweight, imperial) is one of the most famous gemstones.

From ancient times in India, all yellow gemstones were called topaz, which is why there is a version that topaz got its name from the Indian tapas, which can be translated as heat or flame. However, according to another version, topaz owes its name to the name of Topazion Island in the Red Sea, where some pirates discovered topaz by accident. Moreover, according to the second version, topaz was highly appreciated because of the green color. But after all, there are no green topazes, so some historians suggest that at that time the precious stone olivine appeared under the topaz.

Topaz. Gemstone. Faceted topaz - yellow, blue and pink

However, now it doesn't matter anymore. Previously, topaz was really valued very highly, and often stones of quartz, corundum, zircon and citrine were sold under topaz. Although it also happened when colorless topazes were passed off as diamonds.

But in fact, topazes are yellow, golden, blue, pink, cherry, colorless and even multi-colored (when one part of the topaz is colored in one color, and the second in another), with a special optical effect - such topazs are called "topaz cat's eye".

Varieties of gemstones are topaz:

  • Imperial Topaz - yellow orange, orange-brown topaz, the color is rich, and is valued very highly
  • Sherry Topaz or Wine Topaz - topazes from orange-yellow to brown-pink color
  • Tea topaz - topazes of pale yellow color (the name is used mainly in Russia)
  • White Topaz - colorless topazes
  • Silver Topaz - colorless topazes
  • Rutilated Topaz - topazes with yellow inclusions, which look similar to rutile quartz

Topaz trade names are also often used as names for ennobled (irradiated) stones:

  • London Blue Topaz - topazes of blue color
  • Swiss Blue Topaz - dark blue topazes
  • Sky Blue Topaz - sky blue topazes
  • Aqua Blue Topaz - light blue topazes
  • Ice Blue Topaz - topazes of greenish and blue color

How much is topaz

The current prices for topaz are also very diverse. For example, the best topaz, the so-called "imperial", is valued at $100-300 per carat. A rare lilac or red topaz can cost even more, up to $700 per carat. And ordinary topazes - colorless or wine-colored - can cost no more than $ 3-6 per carat. In general, topaz is a very diverse stone, even in terms of price.

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