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Physical properties of sapphire

Hardness: 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: transparent
Color: blue and blue of various shades; as well as colorless, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, black

Characteristics of sapphire

Sapphire (azure yahont) is one of the most famous and most beautiful gemstones.

Sapphires are deep blue corundums. True, all blue gemstones used to be called sapphires. There were even special names. For example, "Brazilian sapphire" is actually a tourmaline gemstone, while "water sapphire" is cordierite.

However, the difference between real sapphire is its hardness. According to one version, even the word "sapphire" itself comes from the Babylonian "sipru", which means "scratch" (a hint of the hardness of this gem).

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But according to another version, the word "sapphire" is due to the Greek "sapfeiros", which translates as "blue" - the hallmark of sapphire. Although, in reality, sapphires are purple, pink, green and yellow.

In Russia, sapphire received another name - "azure yakhont".

How much is a sapphire

The best are considered transparent sapphires with a good saturated color. The most valuable sapphires are mined in India - Kashmir sapphires, the color of which has a shade of cornflower blue. Sapphires with a unique color of pink and orange are highly valued - padparadscha. But sapphire itself is a very expensive gemstone. The average price is from 40 to 500 dollars per 1 carat, depending on the quality. Only the cost of large stones of good quality can reach up to $ 1,200 per 1 carat. Although some specimens of stones can be valued even higher - up to $ 4,000, such stones are sold only at well-known world auctions.

Often, sapphires can have an optical effect of asterism, which gives them additional value.

Famous sapphires

Some of the most famous sapphires even have their own destiny. The Diamond Fund of Russia holds a sapphire of 258 carats. Another sapphire (Saint Edward's Sapphire) takes pride of place in the center of the State Imperial Crown Cross in Great Britain. On the same crown there is another large sapphire (on the back of the crown).

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