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In fact, beryl (heliodor, Goshen, morganite, vorobyevite August, red Bixby) - this is not a gem, but a whole class of different stones. A variety of beryl since the most ancient times, humanity is concerned. Many of beryl have received individual names and are known by them more than by the name "beryl".

Beryl. Gem. Faceted beryl

Beryllium include even such famous stones like blue aquamarine , dark green emerald and golden heliodor . Apart from these famous stones in the beryl family, many other gems - Goshen (colorless beryl), morganite (pink and red beryl), vorobyevite (red-pink Ural beryl), August (dark blue beryl) and red Bixby. Also, there are colorless beryl, with an optical effect of the cat's eyes , or the effect of asterism (stellate) .

And colors beryl is so wide that it contains almost all of the colors. But the most common - it is yellowish, greenish, bluish, brownish and beryl without even coloring. Although originally named Beryl called transparent gems green.

What good is a stone beryl, it's that sometimes encountered in nature beryl very large sizes. The record belongs to beryl, found in the United States, which had a length of 8,5 meters, and its weight was 61 tons. However, good beryl stones rarely reach this magnitude. But there are also very large. For example, in the Urals, was found a good sample of beryl of pure yellowish-green weight 2.5 kg.

The jewelry used only transparent beryl with good color. However, some beryl artificially heat treated to obtain a good color. For example, a pale green or yellowish-green beryl after heat treatment becomes blue. If subjected to high temperature, morganite, the brightness of its colors intensify.

But the most expensive variety of beryl - a red Bixby. This precious stone is considered the most expensive in the world - the price of the stone is just a quarter of a carat can reach 200-250 thousand dollars. Even the best diamonds are cheaper.

Magical properties of beryl. From the ancient times, beryl is considered a good magic. After all, it has the property to display negative energy, and instead feed the body of its owner positive "life-giving" energy. Beryl also save his master from fatigue (of both body and mind) and even laziness. Beryl is able to make its owner invincible. It is also believed that beryl is able to awaken the love of an elderly couple, and even this gem is well-protected in any journey (due to this magical properties of beryl is called "stranger mascot").

Medicinal properties. Beryl is considered to be an effective healer for colds, fever, back pain. Also this gem ways to get rid of gynecological diseases. In India, it is believed that harmonizes beryl metabolic reactions.

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