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Amethyst (Bacchus stone bishop's stone) - one of the most interesting and beautiful gemstones.

The name of the stone in Greek means "not drunk ( ametistoz). And this is connected with the legend of ancient Greece, according to which the goddess Artemis turned the nymph Ametis in a gem to save her from the encroachments of Dionysus (god of wine in Roman version - Bacchus, for that amethyst was named "Bacchus stone"). Although, according to another version, the name of amethyst given because of its color, similar to a heavily watered wine, which is very difficult to get drunk.

Amethyst. Gem. The ring and earrings with amethysts

Generally amethyst - a kind of a different precious stone - quartz . But amethyst - one of the best representatives among their brethren. The colors of amethyst come from dark purple to pink.

Amethyst has long been known to mankind. Stone is widely distributed and its price is not terribly high. But history remembers a time when even more prized amethyst ruby . Recently, however, people have learned to make artificial amethysts, what, first of all, and is due the current fall in prices and demand for amethysts.

Amethyst has the property of changing color depending on the lighting. Also this gem changes color when heated (becomes transparent). Interestingly, subjecting amethyst heat to 500 degrees, it turns yellow (now it will be another gem - citrine ), and if the temperature is higher, the amethyst turbid, milky color gain and will be similar to opal .

In nature, amethyst is found in the form of crystals, druses and geodes. The first face, the second and third are working on a variety of ornamental decorations. It is believed that it is best combined with silver amethyst.

Amethyst has always been loved by many religions, beliefs since the ancient Greeks and ending with Christianity (in Russia even amethyst called "bishop's stone", and decorated them icons, crosses and altars).

The magical properties amethyst. Amethyst - one of the best stones for amulets and talismans. After all, he is credited with many positive properties. Amethyst is called the stone of love, rock integrity, dedication, sincerity and peace stone. Amethyst gives its owner insight energizes, protects against negative thoughts and anxiety, calms. Amethyst can help win business, in sports and in war, and even get rid of bad dreams.

Medicinal properties. It is believed that amethyst relieve irritation, relieve fatigue, help the brain. And the water, infused with amethyst, is effective in the treatment of poisoning or other problems of the digestive tract. Amethyst also pulls the whole infection of human (and in order to clear away the stone from this shit, it should be cleaned regularly with water).

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