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Physical properties of coral

Hardness: 3.75 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glassy, matte
Transparency: opaque
Color: red, pink, orange, black, blue, white

Characteristics of coral

Coral (kinglet, akabar, akori, dragonite) is a unique gemstone. He has no analogues in the whole wide world.

In fact, corals are the result of the activity of marine polyps. Colonies of polyps absorb various minerals from sea water, which are deposited in their tissues, then the remains of these very polyps, superimposed layer by layer, turn to stone and thus corals are formed.

Coral. Gemstone. Red coral, black coral, coral ring

Coral is an organogenic gem such as jet, pearl or amber.

There are a lot of varieties of coral, but jewelers mainly use two types of corals - red and black (black coral is called akabar). Moreover, red coral is one of the most common.

Although occasionally other corals are found in jewelry. One of the rarest is blue coral (which also has its own name - akori). Also, pink, orange and brown varieties are considered “noble” corals.

Jewelry varieties of corals:

  • Red coral is the most valuable type of coral, ranging in color from dark red to soft pink, there are several commercial subspecies:
    • Momo - pink corals
    • Sardinia - red corals
    • Moros - oxblood corals
    • Angel skin - soft pink corals with whitish or reddish spots
  • Akkabar (royal coral) - black coral
  • Akori - blue and blue coral, mined from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean
  • Hawaiian coral - golden coral
  • White coral is the cheapest, often dyed pink or red

Of course, the most popular coral products are beads. Angular ones look especially unusual, where the shape of natural coral is noticeably guessed.

Corals have been known to mankind for a very long time. The ancient Sumerians, Greeks and Egyptians sported coral jewelry.

How much is coral

The cost of coral depends on the color. The most expensive coral is blue akori. Its price is from 250 to 400 dollars for beads with a diameter of at least 1 cm. Black coral costs from 150 to 200 dollars for beads. Red coral beads can be purchased for $60-$120. Pink and orange coral are even cheaper - $15 to $40 per beads. White coral is the cheapest - 10-15 dollars for beads. Beads made from coral twigs are priced cheaper than those made from processed beads.

In jewelry, red and pink coral are most often found. A set of silver rings and earrings with red coral inserts will cost $300-350. The same set with pink coral - 230-250 dollars.

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