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Physical properties of indicolite

Hardness: 7-7.5 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: transparent
Color: blue, dark blue, bluish black, sometimes greenish blue

Characteristics of indicolite

Gemstone indicolite (blue tourmaline, Ceylon sapphire, aqualite, baus) is one of the most unusual and very beautiful stones. And the unique feature is already reflected in the very name of this stone, because indicolite got its name because of its color - the color of indigo.

Interestingly, indicolite is considered one of the most beautiful among all varieties of tourmaline. But tourmaline, in addition to indicolite, includes many very well-known gems. In addition, indicolite is also one of the rarest stones among tourmalines. And what is even more surprising is that the prices of indicolites are not very high. This may be due to the fact that indicolite is quite fragile, and therefore jewelry with these precious stones should be worn with care.

Indicolite. Gemstone. Faceted indicolites

Due to its special color, indicolite is also called aqualite, aquamarine or blue tourmaline. And because of the similarity with sapphires, indicolite is also called Ceylon sapphire (Ceylon - since the first indicolites were brought from Ceylon). And in Rus' in the old days, all blue stones, including indicolites, were called baus.

The bright color of indigo distinguishes indicolite from all gemstones. Although indicolites are also blue, dark blue, gray-gray and even greenish-blue. Many indicolites look even more beautiful than the well-known blue gemstones like topaz and aquamarine.

There are indicolites in Brazil, the USA, Madagascar and Ceylon, Russia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Namibia.

How much does indicolite cost

Prices for indicolite are low, as are many tourmalines (the only exception is Paraiba tourmaline). Depending on the quality, the price will be from 10 to 30 dollars per carat.

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