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Physical properties of jadeite

Hardness: 6.5-7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: translucent, opaque
Color: green, yellow green, grayish green, white

Characteristics of jadeite

Jadeite is very similar to nephrite (at first, these two minerals had the same name - "jade", and only much later they began to be separated). However, these stones have a lot in common. Both of them are viscous and strong, both are well polished, and, as a result, are highly valued by jewelers.

The main color of jadeite is green, but white, pink, blue and purple jadeites occur. There is also transparent (noble) jadeite, which was called "imperial jadeite".

Jadeite. Gemstone. Ring with jadeite, carved jadeite

Just as in the case of nephrite, the name "jadeite" in Spanish means "side stone" (for comparison: nephrite - from the Greek "kidney stone"), and this mineral got its name due to the fact that it was believed that jadeite relieves back pain.

In prehistoric names, knives and scrapers were made from jadeite (the strength of this mineral was already known then). In China, jadeite was cut (and is still being cut) for jewelry, vases and goblets, and used to create various figurines and amulets. There is even a Buddha statue entirely carved from jadeite. In Japan, stone carvers used jadeite to create fine carvings and figurines. Hindus, among other things, made flutes from jadeite. American Indians made idols from jadeite, and considered jadeite to be a divine stone.

Varieties of jadeite:

  • Jadeite imperial. Transparent, has an emerald green color
  • Jadeite commercial. Opaque, color emerald green, heterogeneous
  • Jadeite utility. Opaque, color - shades of green
  • Jadeite albite. Green with black spots

Jadeite is a fairly expensive stone. Some varieties (for example, imperial jadeit) are equated in price with emeralds. But be careful, modern technology allows you to color an inexpensive white and gray mineral green so that it matches the category of an expensive stone. And it is quite difficult for a non-professional to distinguish artificially colored jadeite from a real one.

How much is jadeite

The most expensive is jadeite-imperial. Its value can be compared with the cost of emeralds or rubies. But this is rarely seen on sale. The regular price of jadeite is $1 per carat. Jadeite beads can be purchased for $100.

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