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Physical properties of fluorite

Hardness: 4 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: transparent, translucent
Colour: yellow, green, blue, light blue, reddish pink, violet, violet black, rarely colorless

Characteristics of fluorite

Fluorite (fluorspar, fluorspar, ore flower) is one of the most amazing gemstones.

The name comes from the Latin "fluo", which means "to flow", "flow". And this name was given to fluorite because when it was added to smelting ore, various slags became fluid and were easy to remove. Hence the other name of fluorite is fluorspar.

Fluorite. Gemstone. Faceted fluorite, fluorite cabochons

But the most interesting thing is not that. And the fact that we owe the origin of the word fluorescence to fluorite, because fluorite has a unique ability - luminescence, phosphorescence. Such an effect in fluorite can be observed when exposed to ultraviolet radiation or when heated.

Fluorite also boasts very high transparency across the entire color spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared.

The color range of fluorite is also very diverse - colorless, yellow, blue, pink, green, purple, up to black. Green fluorites are called "Transvaal emeralds" or "fake emeralds". There are fluorites with multi-colored stripes or spots that look very original and very beautiful.

Varieties of fluorite:

  • Anthosonite - dark purple fluorite
  • Blue John - a two-tone fluorite with a violet-white or violet-yellow color, vaguely similar to ametrine
  • Chlorophane - green fluorite (during heat treatment, the color becomes brighter)
  • Yttrofluorite - yttrium or cesium fluorite
  • Yttrocerite - calcium fluorite
  • Ratovkit - an earthy or fine-grained variety of fluorite
  • Fluorite with alexandrite effect - changes color from green to purple, very rare

And one more thing - transparent fluorite is being manufactured for lenses for various optics, in particular for telescopes.

And the miners of Saxony called fluorite the ore flower, since a meeting with this mineral meant the presence of a number of valuable rocks.

But that's not all. A special hydrofluoric acid is also made from fluorite, which is used to apply patterns on glass.

How much is fluorite

Although fluorite looks very beautiful, it is still too soft a stone and therefore its prices are very low. Fluorite beads can be purchased for $20-$30. Faceted fluorites are more valuable as a collection material.

Often fluorite is used as an imitation of aquamarine, emerald, quartz, but they are all harder than fluorite.

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