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Physical properties of diopside

Hardness: 5.5-6 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: transparent, translucent, translucent
Color: colorless, grey, green, pink, brown-yellow, purple

Characteristics of diopside

Diopside (Siberian emerald, baicalite, violan, antochroite, laurel, chromium diopside, hedenbergite) is a very diverse gemstone.

Due to its great diversity, diopside has many names. For example, green, dark green and bluish-green diopside is called "baikalite" (due to the fact that these stones come from the Baikal region). Emerald green diopside is called "chromium diopside", bright green - lavrovite. Green diopsides are also referred to as "Siberian emeralds".

Diopside. Gemstone. Ring with black diopside and green diopsides

Light pink diopside also received a separate name - anthochroite, and purple and blue diopside is called "violan".

There are diopsides and other colors - from transparent and gray to blue and almost black. There are also diopsides with the optical effect of asterism (more often in black diopsides) and with the effect of a cat's eye.

Varieties of diopside:

  • Anthochroite - light pink diopside
  • Baikalite - dark green or bluish-green diopside
  • Lavrovite - bright green diopside
  • Violan - purple or blue diopside
  • Chrome diopside (Siberian emerald) - transparent emerald green diopside, used as a valuable gemstone

In jewelry, mostly transparent diopsides are used, and opaque stones are used for various handicrafts.

How much does diopside cost

Diopside is an inexpensive gemstone. The best beautifully colored diopsides are valued at up to $100 per carat. But typically, diopsides can be purchased for between $10 and $40 per carat.

Even diopsides with an asterism effect are quite inexpensive - up to $10 per carat if the stones are small, and stones over 5 carats - up to $15. Violan cabochons can be purchased for $15-50 for a stone no smaller than 5x5 cm.

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