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Physical properties of moldavite

Hardness: 5-6 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass
Transparency: transparent, translucent
Color: green, bottle green, greenish brown

Characteristics of moldavite

Moldavite is one of the most unique gemstones. Firstly, this mineral is found only on the territory of the Czech Republic (occasionally moldavites are found in Moravia, a country neighboring the Czech Republic).

Secondly, moldavite owes its origin to a meteorite, which, as scientists have found out, came from space about 15 million years ago. When passing through the Earth's atmosphere, the meteorite heated up to an incredible temperature, and after falling, pieces of red-hot rock scattered over several hundred kilometers. Now these frozen, petrified pieces are found, polished, cut and various jewelry is made.

Moldavite. Rare gem. Faceted moldavite, carved moldavite

Such unique "aliens from outer space" as moldavite are called tektites.

Moldavite is a beautiful transparent mineral of green color. The name comes from the German name of the Vltava River - Moldau (after the name of the Vltava River, Moldavite is also called "Vltavin"). Moldavite has good hardness, is transparent and has a rich bottle green color (for which moldavite is sometimes called "bottle stone").

The price of this rare gemstone is very high, since moldavites are found only in one place and every year less and less moldavites are found.

All kinds of pendants and pendants are made from moldavite.

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