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Physical properties of demantoid

Hardness: 6.5-7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Luster: glass, diamond
Transparency: transparent
Color: green, yellowish green

Characteristics of the demantoid

Demantoid (andradite, green diamond, Ural garnet, Ural emerald, Bobrovsky garnet, Ural chrysolite, Siberian chrysolite) is a variety of unusual green garnet. Moreover, it is believed that demantoid is the most beautiful and most valuable among the entire large family of garnet gems.

Demantoid. Gemstone. Faceted demantoids

The name demantoid in German-Greek means diamond-like (demant in German is diamond, and eidos in Greek is similar). So called demantoid because the play of light on the faceted stones of the demantoid is in no way inferior to the light play of a diamond.

In addition to the name "demantoid", this gemstone is also known by other names - andradite, and in Rus' the demantoid was called "green diamond", "Bobrovsky garnet", "Ural garnet" or "Ural emerald", "Siberian chrysolite". Demantoid has many Russian names because this gem was first discovered in the Urals. Ural demantoids are distinguished by the presence of inclusions in them - fibers, which are called "horse tail". These inclusions make it possible to distinguish Ural demantoids from others, and the presence of a horsetail in the stone also increases the cost of the demantoid, since at the moment Ural demantoids are supplied to the jewelry market in limited quantities.

Now demantoids are also mined in Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania. Although the Russian ones are still considered the most valuable. In addition, in the 70s of the twentieth century, unique demantoids with a bluish-green color were discovered in Kamchatka. There are also demantoids with the optical effect of a cat's eye.

How much does a demantoid cost

Demantoid is an expensive gem. Depending on the quality, color saturation and size, the price can be from 100 to 500 dollars per 1 carat. The best quality demantoids can be rated even higher. On sale, this gem is becoming rarer and the price of it is growing, as the natural reserves of demantoid are depleted.

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