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Physical properties of malachite

Hardness: 3.5-4 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Gloss: glassy, matte, silky
Transparency: opaque
Color: green, bright green, turquoise, dark green

Characteristics of Malachite

Malachite (Russian stone, peacock stone) is one of the most famous gemstones. In Russia, for sure, because it was here in the middle of the 17th century that the Ural malachite mines were discovered, which supplied almost the whole world with malachite (now, however, the famous mines are practically depleted). It is clear where malachite got another name of its own - Russian stone.

The name "malachite" according to one version comes from the Greek "malacos", that is, "soft" (which indicates a small hardness of the stone), according to another - from the Greek "malach" - the name of the mallow flower, which has the same bright green the same color as the gemstone malachite.

Malachite. Gemstone. Earrings with malachite, figurine made of malachite

Yes, malachite stands out among other gemstones with its special color - from turquoise to black-green. However, malachite is even more distinguished from other stones by its special concentric patterns, which jewelers often try to emphasize during processing. Because of this unique pattern, malachite has received another name - "peacock stone".

In ancient times, malachite was a fairly rare stone, so it was highly valued. Various amulets, jewelry - necklaces and brooches, various products - vases, countertops, fireplaces, carvings were made from malachite. However, another use of malachite has been known since ancient times. For example, columns in the temple of the Greek goddess Diana in Ephesus were decorated with malachite, and in Rus', after the discovery of the Ural mines, they even invented a special unique method of facing, called Russian mosaic. Malachite Russian mosaics adorn the Malachite and Georgievsky halls of the St. Petersburg Winter Palace.

Malachite is mainly used as an ornamental stone and is not very expensive. Turquoise malachite is considered the most expensive. Malachite is easy to process, but due to its softness, it is easily scratched and quickly loses its polish.

How much is malachite

Malachite is an inexpensive stone and is often used in jewelry. Jewelry with low quality malachite can be purchased for 15-20 dollars. However, large malachite products of the highest quality will cost much more - $ 150-200.

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