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Physical properties of tiger's eye

Hardness: 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale
Gloss: silky
Transparency: opaque
Color: golden brown

Characteristics of the tiger's eye

One of the most unusual and beautiful stones that exist in the world is the tiger's eye (also called the tiger eye) and its varieties - hawk's eye, bull's eye and others. Sometimes they can mistakenly confuse a tiger's eye with a cat's eye (a special optical effect of the stone), but these gems are quite easy to distinguish from each other.

Tiger's Eye. Gemstone. Tiger's Eye and Bull's Eye Cabochons, Tiger's Eye jewelry

In general, the tiger's eye is a kind of quartz, but quite special. Indeed, due to the special fibers contained in the stone, a characteristic golden undulating tint appears at the tiger's eye. Best of all, the tiger's eye shows its unusual features if the gemstone is cut into a cabochon.

And sometimes a narrow glare strip forms near the tiger's eye, somewhat similar to the eye of a bird of prey. This kind of tiger's eye even got its own name - "hawk's eye". And if you subject the tiger's eye to high temperature, then a red tone appears in the color of the stone. Such a tiger's eye also received its own name - "bull's eye".

The tiger's eye has been known to mankind for a very long time and, due to its unique properties, has always attracted attention.

How much does a tiger's eye cost

The cost of tiger eye is very low. This is due to the fact that large deposits of this mineral have been found in accessible places. Beads made of large stones of good quality will cost no more than $50, and beads made of small stones can be bought even cheaper - for only $10.

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